Jewelry Care


To keep jewelry looking shiny and bright store it in a closed dry space such as a jewelry box or zip-lock bag. Avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower, pools or hot tubs and especially natural hot springs (enjoy your soak sans jewelry!). Silver and brass will inevitably tarnish with wear. We enjoy the changes jewelry undergoes as it is worn and loved. Embrace the natural patina or use a polishing cloth (included with your order) to restore shine. Jewelry can also be cleaned with a soft toothbrush or polishing cloth and toothpaste.



We understand that things happen, chains break, earrings get left in pockets and sat upon. We are happy to repair your jewelry if possible. Depending on the damage a fee may be charged for the repair. Please email and explain the damage and repair needed in detail. If possible, include a photo of the piece in your email. A shipping fee will be charged for repairs.