Collection Two

I am so excited to share my new collection. It has been a long time in the making, and years of research and consideration have gone into creating all of these pieces. The collection was started several years ago, and since the first pieces were made I have earned a Master in Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture and design, I got married, had my son, Julio, and have reassessed how I would like to approach starting a craft based business over and over again. The final pieces of the collection were finished before Julio was born, and I have been working on creating the space in my life (and this website) to share them. 

It is a very strange time to release a new collection. As everyone knows, we are in the midst of a pandemic that has affected the entire world and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Many are out of work, worried about the health of their loved ones and feeling anxiety (and other emotions) in the face of so much uncertainty. This strange moment has created the necessity and opportunity for many to reconsider the way they connect with others, with products and the world around them. I have chosen to move forward with releasing this collection now because many (myself included) are finding solace in experiencing art and design digitally and because my intention is for this shop and site to be a fluid space where I can share new creations, information and inspiration. 

My new collection is inspired by the human body. Some of the pieces were actually made by pressing wax into parts of the body.. hollows on the neck, earlobes, fingers. They were all formed by hand, and in a few pieces subtle finger print textures remain as a reminder. The weight and texture of the pieces feel very good against the skin and in the hand. They remind me of worry stones or talismans because they are comforting to hold. It is my hope that these pieces will deliver some comfort, beauty, and a little mystery to those who wear them. Enjoy!